Highfive Electronics

Highfive Electronics is a reliable and leading electronic solutions provider. You can get turnkey solutions for electronic project/product even you just have an idea now. You just need do one thing that is waiting for prototypes and mass production.


Our providing is including industry design, mechanical design, electronic design, hardware design, firmware development, software development, app development, based our EMS BU, which including TP, LCM, OLED, Mold design and fabrication, Plastic injection, metal stamping, die-casting, box-building, reliability testing, and one-stop turnkey solutions. We have design and development teams for products as below:

GPS Tracker/Smart Device 4G

Smart Home

Smart Energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management –NB-IoT

Smart Home Application/Security/Safety/DLP Projector/OTT Box

Personal Electronics/Healthcare & Wellness/Wearables

Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity

Smart RF/NFC/RF Identification/IR Control

Embedded System/Touch & Input Sensing

USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface

Battery Management System–BMS

Industry Control

GPS Tracker

Much more for Highfive GPS Tracker BU!

4G Telecom Device

DLP Projector

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Advertising Player M2M

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BMS Solutions


BMS is BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, called the predicate battery management system.

Highfive BMS implements the following functions:

(1) Measurement of battery terminal voltage

(2) Energy balance between the cells of a single battery:

It is the equilibrium charging for the single battery, which makes every battery in the pack can reach the equilibrium state.

The balance technology is the key technology of a battery energy management system, that is being studied and developed in the world.

(3) Measuring the total voltage of the battery pack

(4) Measurement of total current in battery pack

(5) SOC calculation

Accurately estimate the State of Charge (SOC) of the power battery pack, that is the remaining capacity of the battery, ensure that SOC is to be kept within a reasonable range, and prevent battery damage due to over charge or over discharge.

(6) Dynamic monitoring of the working state of the power cell group:

During battery charging and discharging, the terminal voltage and temperature, charge and discharge current and battery total voltage of each battery in real time, and prevent battery from overcharging or overdischarging.

(7) Real time data display

(8) Data recording and analysis

At the same time, abnormal battery must be selected out and replace one to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the whole battery pack operation.

(9) Function of communication networking


TP + LCM Special Attributes

  • Effective and pragmatic communication management team
  • High Precision Fitting Technology
  • Industry-class fully automated production equipment
  • 15 + Years R&D team
  • Flexible Capacity Allocation Support Customer Mix-Production
  • The stable yield was 99.5%.
  • 100%d Delivery rate is 100%.
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