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Highfive Embedded Design and Develop


Linux has found its way into almost every product segment on the electronics market, from consumer electronics up to complex server applications. It is not exaggerated to say that in almost every household there is at least one Linux-based device in use.


Product designers are more and more confronted with enormous designing challenges due to extremely short product design cycles and raising hard- and software complexity, powered by raising customer demands and growing pressure of competition.


Linux is Open Source. Everyone has access to the source code and can use it for own purposes or modify it. Especially in non x86 based system ranges you need a high expertise and the expenditure of time is hard to limit. To port Linux on fielding hardware it is necessary to consult additional resources or remove them from other tasks.


This exposes many manufacturers to a challenge which does not correspond to their core competences. It is getting more expensive, the period until a product can be introduced on the market raises as well as the risk.


Additionally long-term costs result from care and support of the adapted Linux source codes. Additional to the actual Linux core, the so-called Userland needs to be offered which provides helping programs and other applications.


Different from the range of desktop systems special agents and skills become necessary here to provide it to RISC architectures.


We discharge product designers from the risky and complex task of Linux portation, so effort and costs can be reduced. Our customers can concentrate on the actual product and their core competences and add field-tested software components.


We offers a broad portfolio including all product families. It is consistent and makes switching between the families easier.


Highfive Electronics concentrates all advantages of the Open Source world for our customers, which of course contains the Linux community combined with the chip manufacturers’’ Linux Support.


Another benefit from us is -– in contrary to commercial Embedded Linux distributors- it suits Highfive Electronics hardware perfectly and there are no fees for license, support or maintenance.