system function

1) centralized control and multi-point operation function: the terminal in any place can control lights in different places; or the terminal in different places can control the same light. Use various ways to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA, telephone to let users use the most simple method to control the equipment in their room at any time, at any place (even in the pool).

2) soft start function: when the light is turned on, the light gradually turns on from dark. When the light is turned off, the light will be dimmed gradually from bright to dark, so as to avoid the sudden change of brightness to stimulate the human eye, give the human eye a buffer and protect the eye. And avoid the impact of high current and high temperature mutation on the filament, protect the bulb, and extend the service life.

3) light and shade adjustment function: whether you are meeting guests, watching TV, listening to music, or with your family, or thinking alone, or even tasting whiskey, adjusting the brightness of different lights can create more comfortable, peaceful, harmonious, warm atmosphere and deeper experience of life for you, soft light can give you a good mood, less and dark light helps you think, more and more The bright light makes the atmosphere hotter. These operations are very convenient. You can press and hold the local switch to adjust the light and dim, or you can use the central controller or remote control, just press the key, you can adjust the light and dim brightness.

4) full on / off and memory functions: the lights of the whole lighting system can realize the functions of one key full on and one key full off. Before you go to sleep or leave home, you can press the all off button, and all the lights will be turned off. It saves you from running all over the room.

5) timing control function: through the schedule management module, the timing opening and closing of lights can be defined. For example, at 7:00 every morning, slowly turn on the light in the bedroom to a proper brightness; at midnight, turn off all the lights automatically.

6) scene setting: for fixed mode scenes, you don’t need to turn on and off lights and dim lights one by one. You can press a key to control a group of lights only once for programming. This is the scene setting function. It only needs one touch to realize the conversion of multiple lighting scenes; it can also get the combination scenes of the desired lighting and electrical appliances, such as home mode, home mode, meeting mode, dining mode, Cinema mode, couples’ night talk, night rising mode, etc.

7) local switch: it can directly control the local light according to the usual habits; according to your needs, the switch can set the required control object arbitrarily, such as the button in the hall can be used to turn off all lights; in this way, when you leave home, you can turn off all lights with a single press, which is not only energy-saving, safe, but also very convenient.

8) infrared and wireless remote control: in any room, use the infrared hand-held remote control to control the switch state and dimming state of all networking lamps (no matter whether the lamps are in the room or not); you don’t need to turn on the lights after entering the room, you can turn on the lights with the remote control before entering any room, from then on you don’t need to look for the light switch in the dark; according to the house type Different size, the model of remote control is also different, for example: four remote control is suitable for two rooms and one hall, six remote control is suitable for three rooms and one hall, in addition, there are eight, ten, twelve, sixteen remote control is suitable for duplex and villa use.

9) telephone remote control: through any ordinary telephone or mobile phone, realize the remote control of light or scene. This function can be used to simulate the light condition of the host at home before returning late, so as to confuse the possible thieves;

10) the lighting system also has the function of power failure and self-locking, that is, when your home is powered off, all the lights will remain off after the call. The intelligent lighting system can also be connected with the security system. When there is an alarm, the lights on your balcony will flash continuously.

Main features editor

1. Through the remote control, you can easily manage all the intelligent switches, sockets and curtains in your home to realize wireless control and scene control; the scene arrangement is completely set according to the user’s hobbies, without using other tools, and arranged on the remote control panel at will, which is convenient and quick, and can be adjusted anytime and anywhere as required.

2. The telephone remote voice control can be realized through the telephone remote controller, and the control equipment can be fixed telephone and mobile phone. The super power of home intelligent system enables you to manage home automation equipment conveniently no matter where you are. It is convenient and practical, reflecting the best combination of technology and humanity.

The scene remote controller can realize the timing control of the light.

4. The dimming and state memory functions of the intelligent switch are energy-saving and convenient for scene setting.

5. The radio frequency signal can penetrate the wall, so it can be used in any room at home.


Light design editing

Scientific design of family lighting system family is generally divided into living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, study, bathroom, etc. Because of their different functions in the family, we can design different parts of the lighting. 1) the living room is a reception area and a place for family activities. Generally, it is equipped with chandeliers, spotlights, wall lamps, downlights, etc. different lighting effects can be produced by using different lights, such as leisure, entertainment, television, reception and other scene modes for selection. For example: set the reception as 80% of the ceiling lamp, 60% of the wall lamp and 80% of the down lamp; set the TV scene as 20% of the ceiling lamp, 40% of the wall lamp and 10% of the down lamp. Because the dimming control is adopted, the illumination of the light can have a gradual change process. Through the remote control or the on-site control of the panel, the scene can be changed at will to create a warm, wavy and elegant light for the guests. Environmental Science.

Intelligent lighting system

Intelligent lighting system

2) as a dining place, the dining room adopts scene control to set various lighting modes, which can be set for Chinese food, Western food and other lighting scenes to create a warm, romantic and elegant dining lighting environment for family members. Lighting should be considered comprehensively, generally as long as the medium brightness is enough, but the brightness on the desktop should be increased appropriately.

3) the bedroom is the place for the master to rest. It is necessary to control the chandelier in the center, the spotlight at the head of the bed, the wall lamp and the downlight around the bed to create a quiet, gentle and safe rest place. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to meet the master’s requirements for different brightness, such as sorting, reading, watching TV and rest. According to different requirements, adjust the light brightness which is suitable for body and mind and can reduce fatigue.

4) the kitchen should have enough brightness, and should be equipped with local lighting.

5) the requirements of toilet are general, but if there are special requirements, such as make-up, there should be enough brightness, and local lighting should be equipped.

6) the main consideration of the study is functionality. In order to reduce the eyestrain caused by long-term reading, the color temperature should be closer to the morning sunlight and non flashing lighting. The intelligent lighting system can adjust the brightness and switch of each group of lights at will by using the remote control. Practicability and comfort are two design principles of home lighting. In addition, personal style is also very important. Only in this way can we design a practical and comfortable family living environment.

All in all, lighting system is the most common and basic system in our life. Its intelligence will undoubtedly have a profound impact on life. It not only greatly facilitates our life, but also may change people’s way of life to a certain extent, so as to improve people’s quality of life.