In fact, the most commonly used light control panel in your home is the switch panel, which used to be the mechanical switch panel. If you need another local control, you need to do double control and other functions. There is no requirement for the controlled light source or lamps. No matter what you install in your home is chandelier, spotlight, lamp belt or wall lamp, you can control them at will. Now, the intelligent switch panel used in smart home


Connecting the control network through the IOT chip of the internal circuit board and using the relay to control the light circuit is equivalent to adding the network control brain to the traditional switch panel. We need to pay attention to several hardware parameters:

Voltage: all the products used in China are of 220V voltage. If the products sold in China meet the voltage requirements, especially the electrical products sold in the United States, it should be noted that 110V voltage is used in the United States. Many products can only be used under 110V voltage, which is not used in China unless the product is for all If it is sold in the ball area, it will use the universal 110-220V voltage products.

Power: these intelligent switches use solid-state relays as switches, so there will be power restrictions. Generally, they will be identified in the product specifications. For example, the maximum load of each circuit is 800W, so you need to calculate whether the current connected light circuit is more than 800W. Now LED lighting is widely used, so the power is relatively small, generally not more than the maximum load, no If the traditional incandescent light source is used in some places or in large-scale buildings, it is necessary to connect it after calculation and confirmation, otherwise the relay will burn if the power is too high.

Communication protocol: wireless intelligent switch panel uses wireless communication protocol for data communication exchange. For example, Xiaomi’s aqara intelligent switch uses ZigBee protocol, and lifesmart’s intelligent switch uses coss communication protocol (433MHz RF Technology). Such intelligent switches need to be equipped with another intelligent gateway as the communication center, according to the use of different none The wireless communication distance between various panels is different. If you are a small and medium-sized house, you can use the wireless panel. If you are a duplex or villa house, the wireless signal is easy to be blocked. You need to match multiple gateways, and the number of wireless panels is too large, which will cause instability. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the villa house Wireless switch panel, the best use of professional bus intelligent panel to control.

However, many American switch products that support homekit directly use WiFi network, such as koogeek’s intelligent switch:


The smart switch is directly connected to the WiFi network at home. The advantage is that it is very convenient to do not need to buy other devices such as gateways. The problem is that the wireless network at home should be built well. There should be no WiFi dead corner or router performance is too weak. So many wireless switches communicate through the WiFi network. If the wireless signal is poor, there will be control delay and other problems.

Zero fire line switch: this problem is common because the traditional mechanical switch bottom box does not need zero line. So for such an old house renovation, the manufacturer has made a single fire line intelligent switch, that is to say, without zero line in the switch bottom box, the intelligent switch can make the power supply work normally (here borrow the product introduction of lifesmart):


The intelligent switch of single fire wire needs to be connected with a capacitor at the lamp head, and there is a requirement for the minimum power of the light, otherwise there will be problems frequently, such as the LED lamps can not be turned off or flicker constantly, anyway, it is very inconvenient to use. If it is not for the old house, it is not recommended to use the intelligent switch of single fire wire.




The other is the intelligent switch of zero live line, that is, the switch needs to connect live line and zero line, so that the switch can supply power normally, and then control the on-off of light through relay, which is a very stable and reliable control mode.



Embedded tips for decoration wiring:

If you are a new house decoration, we strongly recommend that you let the electrician reserve a neutral wire in the bottom box of the switch, so as to facilitate the future upgrading of the intelligent switch.

As shown in the picture above, the bottom box of the leftmost switch is reserved with live wire (red), zero wire (blue) and light control wire (yellow). After the final decoration, the electrician can install the intelligent switch panel. It should also be noted that the intelligent switch you plan to buy supports at most one panel with several switches. Generally, there are more 1.2-bit switches and 3-bit switches, which determines the maximum number of light control lines in a bottom box when you embed the bottom box of the switch. For example, if your living room has 4-way lights, you can put 2 bottom boxes in the living room. Each bottom box is equipped with a 2-bit (way) intelligent switch.

Functions of intelligent switch panel:

1. Intelligent scene linkage: for example, scene combination of multiple lights, or matching with sensors to control lights.

2. Set schedule and timing: for example, let the light turn on and off automatically according to the set time or schedule.

3. Voice or remote control: for example, use Siri or other smart speaker voice to control the light.

4. Power monitoring: some brands of intelligent switches support the monitoring function of light and power.



a. Lighting control includes not only switch but also dimming control. Many brands have intelligent dimming switch with dimming function:

The dimmer switch generally needs to be matched with the dimmable LED lamps and lanterns. Now the common LED lamps and lanterns in the market are not dimmable, so if you need dimming, you need to buy the dimmable lamps and lanterns for matching use. The traditional incandescent lamps or halogen lamps can be dimmable directly.

b. There is also a kind of intelligent socket that we can use to control the floor lamp, desk lamp, night lamp and other external light sources, and also can use this kind of intelligent socket to control various household appliances, such as fans, rice cookers, bread makers and so on.


c. Latest intelligent light panel with voice function:

The picture above is the latest switch panel with Amazon Alexa voice service and intelligent sensor, which is put at the entrance of the room. After people enter the sensor range, they can automatically turn on the light in the hall. They can directly control any scene function by voice, eliminating the smart speaker at home. The sensor on the switch can also be used as the security alarm function.

d. With sensor control light: